Debit Card Transaction Control on Shazam Bolt$

Turn your debit card on and off as you need it! With Transaction Control, a recently added feature to the Shazam Bolt$ mobile app, you can log in at any time and turn your card on or off with a quick tap of a button. Transaction Control allows you to fight fraud as soon as you expect something might happen. This could be because you temporarily misplaced it, suspect something strange might be going on or simply just want turn your card off while you aren’t using it.

There are many situations where this mobile feature could help you.

  • Parents can control their children’s card by only giving them access when they know they will need it.
  • Travelers can relax on the beach without worry
  • A night out doesn’t need to end in a panic when a debit card is left behind at a restaurant


For more information on Transaction Control or other debit card features, contact any FTSB office.