Mobile Deposit with FTSB is Available Now

Getting to the bank to deposit a check is a constant struggle as our lives continue to become busier. We are proud to have the ability to deposit checks with the FTSB mobile app. With mobile deposit, you can deposit checks from anywhere using your smart phone. The check will be posted to your account by the end of the business day if done before 2pm, or the following business day if done after 2pm.

Use the below frequently asked questions to help you get started with Mobile Deposit.


How do I deposit a check through the FTSB Mobile app?

First, you must download the FTSB Mobile app to your phone. You will use the same login credentials to log into the mobile app that you use for Online Banking. (Note: you must be signed up for online banking before you can use the mobile app. For information on signing up for online banking, click here.)

After you have signed in, there will be a small camera icon below each eligible checking account. Tap the camera to start the mobile deposit process.


My check deposit doesn’t show up immediately after I make the mobile deposit. What do I do?

Your check will not post to your account until after 3pm each business day.


What is the cut off time for depositing a check to get it in that day’s balance?

The cut off time to get a deposit in using mobile deposit is 2pm CT.


What are reasons my check might be rejected?

The mobile app will decline check deposits that have already been presented for deposit once. It may also reject the check if the check amount entered and the actual amount of the check are different. Quality of the check image is also a factor for rejecting a check. Farmers Trust & Savings Bank may reject your check if “For Mobile Deposit” is not written on the back, the check looks fraudulent or if the customer has abused the mobile deposit service.


I still have questions regarding Mobile Deposit. Who do I contact?

For questions or concerns regarding your mobile app or mobile deposit, contact any FTSB office. You may also download our Mobile Deposit User Guide.