Online Banking Tips & Tricks

FTSB’s online banking offers many advantages that can help you keep track of your funds and also get things done on your time. No more waiting until your statement arrives in the mail. With online banking, you’ll have instant access to your account activity – through your computer, phone or tablet!

  • Availability: Access your information 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • eStatements: Print and view your monthly statement at your convenience. Simply log in to online banking to view your current and past monthly statements at any time.
    To access this feature, go to ESTATEMENS in the top navigation bar after you log in.
  • Account Activity: Check account activity on a daily basis as deposits come in and items go out. Keep track of your balance, and always know what’s going on with your money.
    Account activity is the main screen you see after you first log in. All of your account will be listed, and you can click on each one to view additional details.
  • View Check Images: Check images are available immediately after items have hit your account and are no longer pending.
    To view a check image, view the Account Activity for a specific account. Check images are numbered and will be highlighted as a blue link.
  • Get Notifications: Set up notifications for when your account hits a certain balance, a check has cleared or another specific transaction went through your account. These notifications can be received via email, text or a secure message.
    Account alerts can be found under ACCOUNTS.
  • Schedule Payments: Use Bill Pay to schedule payments and transfers. Payments can be made to companies or individuals via check or electronically. Transfers can be made between your accounts on a one-time or reoccurring basis.

Bill Pay can be found under the BILL PAY tab.


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