2022 Punt, Pass & Kick Winners

Thank you to all of the students who attended our Punt, Pass and Kick competition on Friday, September 16th at Bison Field in Buffalo Center!

The winners are as follows. All winners will be recognized at halftime of the home North Iowa football game on Friday, September 30th. Winners should come to the concession stand just before halftime.

Grade Division Winners Place
1 Girl Celia Lopez 1st
1 Girl Shelby Murra 2nd
1 Girl Sadie Haugen 3rd
1 Boy Slater Sachs 1st
1 Boy Luke Frerichs 2nd
1 Boy Kaden Willison 3rd
2 Girl Mya Ostermann 1st
2 Girl Carly Jensen 2nd
2 Girl MacKenzie Willmert 3rd
2 Boy Brenner Greensky 1st
2 Boy Oakley Haisman 2nd
2 Boy Malachi Hullstrom 3rd
3 Girl Norah Porter 1st
3 Girl Brynlee Engelbarts 2nd
3 Girl Kinley Amy 3rd
3 Boy Asa Beenken 1st
3 Boy Mason Brass 2nd
3 Boy Wyatt Albrant 3rd
4 Girl Alaina Hagedorn 1st
4 Girl Amelia Price 2nd
4 Girl Fiona Potter 3rd
4 Boy Owyn Ostermann 1st
4 Boy Ezekeil Reimann 2nd
4 Boy Brayden Berggren 3rd
5 Girl Elsa Adams 1st
5 Girl Tenley LaGue 2nd
5 Girl Adriana Lopez 3rd
5 Boy Riley Price 1st
5 Boy Kingston Mathahs 2nd
5 Boy Axel Beenken 3rd
6 Girl Kyla Klukow 1st
6 Girl Kayla Heyer 2nd
6 Boy Eli Hoffman 1st
6 Boy Ohin Shackleton 2nd
6 Boy Kole Heyer 3rd
7 Boy Tate Engelbarts 1st
7 Boy Hunter Blocker 2nd